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BBCOS 14 IN 1 REVIVAL Lamellar Balm 250ml /8.45 FL

BBCOS 14 IN 1 REVIVAL Lamellar Balm 250ml /8.45 FL

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Revival 14in1 it is not a simple conditioner, but it is the first lamellar liquid balm by BBcos that hydrates and protects dull, frizzy and devitalized hair. Lamellar technology acts instantly by activating the water present on the hair. The formula, rich in hydro-affine and conditioning active ingredients, delicately wraps the hair fiber with a protective film, releasing important treating active agents designed to even out irregularities.


    1 Apply the product on all lengths.

    2 Massage for 5 seconds and comb through.

    3 Rinse thoroughly with water

    DOSAGE: On average, the application of 25 ml of product is enough for each treatment.

    *If necessary, apply the traditional hair conditioner.



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