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Aidha Klher Q10 Protein Repair 200ml /6,7 fl. oz

Aidha Klher Q10 Protein Repair 200ml /6,7 fl. oz

SKU: 8436037294679

Treatment in spray form that repairs and protects instantly. Nourishes and restructures the hair.

For use on all hair types

Solar and thermal protection

Repairs and protects


    Shake before use.

    In wet hair:

    Remove the excess water from the hair and spray the product directly on. Distribute evenly.

    On dry hair:

    apply the product to the palm of the hand and distribute over the hair, extending from halfway to the ends.

    Do not rinse.

    For Daily use.


    High performance silicone and polysilicon.

    Softens and offers thermal and solar protection.

    Acrylate copolymers.

    The copolymer protects, increases body and gives shine and excellent flexibility.


    • Nourishes, regulates the porousness and protects.
    • Hydrates the hair, improves its appearance and internal balance.
    • Repairs the hair and protects against breakage.
    • Provides shine and radiance.
    • Provides body and volume
    • Prevents split ends.
    • Softens the hair.
    • Thermal action. Protects against the heat of hair straighteners and hair dryers.
    • UV protection. Ideal for protecting the color.
    • Makes brushing easier and untangles the hair.

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