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Sobe Luxe Hair Volume Mousse 8 Fl. Oz - 236 ml

Sobe Luxe Hair Volume Mousse 8 Fl. Oz - 236 ml

SKU: 755439310069

Introducing "SOBE LUXE - Hair Volumizing Mousse", a heavyweight in the hair-care market for a show-stopping, voluminous look. This 8 Oz product works wonders on all hair types and comes with an imbued Sunflower scent. It enriches your hair with the nourishing benefits of Calendula Extract, Sunflower oil, Walnut oil, Vitamin E and Peptides. Say goodbye to flat hair and welcome the era of ultimate volume and breathtaking texture.


    - Infuses your hair with extreme volume, making it look bouncy, full     of  life and salon-styled.

    -  Enriches your hair with Calendula extracts, Sunflower oil, and     Walnut oil that moisture and nourish the hair and scalp, promoting  hair growth.

    - Fortifies your hair with Vitamin E, acting as a powerful antioxidant   and potentially contributing to a healthier and better-textured hair.

    - Peptides in our formulation help strengthen hair, making it less   prone to breakage and split ends.

    - Suitable for all hair types, ensuring every hair has a chance to be  lusciously voluminous and feel luxuriously soft and healthy.


    Unleash the true potential of your hair with the "SOBE LUXE - Hair Volumizing Mousse". This 8 Oz product immerses your hair in a rich blend of Calendula Extract, Sunflower Oil, Walnut Oil, Vitamin E and Peptides, designed to inflate volume and introduce a whole new dimension to your hair. It's not just a mousse; it's a hair care regimen designed to bring out the best in your hair, making every day a good hair day. Order yours today!

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